Engineered Systems

Our engineers and technical sales team will collaborate with you to develop custom high temperature systems for fire protection, heat shielding, and thermal insulation applications. Utilizing our expertise in material science, design, and fabrication, we have developed hundreds of custom engineered systems for Fortune 500 companies and military organizations.

Custom Fire Protection Systems Include:

  • Fire Containment Covers:  TSO-C203 approved fire containment covers certified to isolate and contain a palletized cargo fire for 6 hours.
  • Fire Containment Bags: Fire resistant cases used to prevent the spread of battery fires caused by laptops and other personal electronic devices.
  • Fire Curtains: Custom-made fire and smoke curtains designed to contain and channel fire and smoke in warehouses, theaters, hangars, and other public spaces.  
  • Fire Blankets: Custom fire protection blankets are designed to extinguish fires and can also be used to protect surfaces from high temperatures and flames.

Custom Thermal Management Systems Include:

  • Insulation Blankets:  Made-to-order multi-layer blankets or pads are designed to withstand high temperatures and improve operational efficiency. They can be easily removed for routine maintenance and inexpensively replaced when necessary. Our custom insulation pads are often used for steam pipe insulation, tank insulation, and turbine covers.
  • Fabric Expansion Joints:  Our custom-made high temperature fabric expansion joints provide stress relief by absorbing vibration and changes in pressure.

We coordinate with independent, certified labs to offer the following system certifications:

  • North America: UL, NFPA, ASTM, CFM, US Mil-Spec
  • European: BS, EN, CE
  • Military & Government: US Mil-Spec, NRC, BMS